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As a tourist, the city of Bogor has a lot of alternative places to vacation and spend the night, ranging from rustic country to modern style. Every place has a uniqueness and charm of each.
Salh a unique and attractive inn is CICO RESORT, located on the road Tumenggung Wiradireja, Cimahpar Bogor.
Resort is the concept of Conservation, Educaion, and this Lifesyle make your holiday more fun and enjoyable. Resort, which began operating in mid-2007, was once the gathering place of one NGO, engaged in the environment and conservation of primates, especially orangutans.
Over time, conservation was later developed into the Resort. "Here every visitor who comes, invited to get to know nature more closely. Perhaps this distinguishing Resort with our existing resorts," said the Dera as Cico Resort Guest Relations. This place has a land area of approximately 2 acres, and has a lush green areas and beautiful elbow Cico Resort also has a good collection of exotic tanamanropis reply, and make it quite known by the foreigners. Inn itself is made up of cottages and dormitory. For the cottage of 10 units consisting of two rooms and vip eight standard rooms.
Price is proposing is quite affordable, just by releasing funds amounting to Rp 295.000, - per person you can already stay here. That includes accommodation and three meals a coffee break twice. As for the dormitory, you just pay Rp 175,000, - per person. This place is equipped among other facilities, rooms full air conditioning, cable TV channels multy, living room, pantry and bathroom with hot water.
There is also a meeting room you are able to accommodate about 120 people. There is also a futsall field, basketball, arena rock climbing, corner of composting, flowers and bale cafe dining, and facilities for internet access.
Our plans will add more lodging space facility, due to the increasing number of visitors who come here, says Dera.

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